Are you considering getting an (young) adult dog? For example, a shelter dog, a dog from a rehoming foundation, or from a private owner? Keep in mind that an (young) adult dog always has a past. It is important to clearly list a number of things in advance. We can assist you with this. Call and schedule an appointment for purchase advice.

Abused dogs are often traumatized. Dogs that have wandered may have little trust in people. These types of dogs require a lot of time, attention, and effort from people with extensive knowledge, experience, and patience in handling and training dogs.

Additionally, some dogs are not well-behaved and may act inappropriately towards people and other animals. Of course, there are also problem-free dogs looking for a good home!

Choosing such an (young) adult dog often involves a lot of emotions, and many people are eager to help or rescue such a dog. The often heartbreaking stories and photos on the websites of shelters, marketplaces, or rehoming foundations contribute to this.

We can help you with your choice and, if desired, we will go to the shelter or private home with you to take a look at the dogs on offer there. Together we will determine which dog is most suitable for your situation. We go for a walk with the dog and see how it behaves. As a behavioral therapist, we are able to make a good assessment of the dog’s character and behavior. This way we can find a good match together. We can also help you with the training and guidance of the dog you choose. The costs are 65 euros per hour.