Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy

In behavioral therapy we work with you and your dog on an individual basis. We try to determine the background and cause of certain problem behavior.

Based on this, we provide advice on how to deal with this and what you can do to change this behavior. In almost all cases we come to your home.

Prior to the consultation, we recommend a health check by the veterinarian. This is to rule out the possibility that there is a medical cause underlying the problem behavior.

Practical information


Date and time will be agreed upon in consultation.


The costs for a home visit are 200 euros for a maximum of 2 hours.

The costs for a report following the home visit are 50 euros
The costs for a follow-up consultation are 85 euros per hour.


For consultation or registration you can send an email or call 06-514 75 830 or 020-686 07 34.

The owner has taught me and my dog ​​so much information from the start of the puppy course. I could go to her with all my questions. Even now that I recently had a number of behavioral questions (2 years later), she is always open to help. Super positive and would definitely do some more courses if I could with a somewhat ‘older’ dog!

Isabel van der Wal

We are fans of Omnia! We completed the basic and follow-up courses with our dog Nero. Marja is explicit, consistent and certainly brings a lot of humor. She cares about every dog ​​and helps you find the right parenting style. Ultimately, we noticed that we had to learn a lot about ourselves. Nero enjoyed getting to work and Marja and Mireille were there through all kinds of weather. Ultimately you get what you put into it, but Marja is also strict but fair in asking this of you. Because in the end you will get a great buddy! No doubt, register and get started with Marja!

Anne Lieke Vonk

I have already taken several courses with Marja with my dog, including puppy, basic, “come here” and two private lessons. I can’t wait until I can continue training with her again. Her approach is very clear, and she can explain very well why something works or doesn’t work. She sets high standards, which suits me very well. My dog ​​has already learned a lot thanks to her tips and my efforts. I wish every dog ​​owner could take a course with her.

Lisa Martial