About Omnia

About Omnia

In 1995, Omnia dog school started in the heart of Amsterdam. Over the years, many puppies and adult dogs have been taught obedience, self-confidence and good behavior. Mutual understanding and respect between owner and dog are paramount in every training. Dog school Omnia has been a household name in Amsterdam for almost 25 years.

Training courses by Marja van Rijn:

  • Dog behavior I.P.C-D Barneveld

  • General education
    Dutch association for instructors in dog education and training

  • Dog handling
    Dutch association for instructors in dog education and training

  • Cynological behavioral therapist parts 1 and 2
    Van Hall Institute Utrecht

  • Puppy instruction

  • Workshop pain with dogs – Lelystad

  • Workshop behavioral tests – Lelystad

  • Study day nutrition and problem behavior of the dog – Lelystad

  • Study day dominance: outdated or surprisingly well thought out -Dogvision

  • Seminar abnormal behavior – Argos

  • Cynological Knowledge part 1

“Teaching behavior in your dog is much easier if you know what you want and if you know what your dog experiences as a reward. ”

Your dog can’t do it right the first time. Just as we learned to read in stages, so does your dog. Divide the ultimate goal into small pieces and teach your dog step by step what you expect from him. When training dogs, learning what you want is not feasible in one go.

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