Private training

Private training

Private training is for owners who are unable to participate in group training or want to train something specific, such as walking without pulling and coming on command.

Private lessons at home for puppy training or training your adult dog are also possible.
If desired, the lessons can be given in English. Clicker training is also possible.

Private training is not suitable for dogs with behavioral problems. If your dog shows undesirable behavior, you can contact us for behavioral therapy.

Practical information


Date and time will be agreed upon in consultation.


The costs for private training are 65 euros per one-hour lesson. The costs for private training at home are 75 euros per hour.


For consultation or registration you can send an email or call 06-514 75 830 or 020-686 07 34.

Very nice and clear guidance. I had private lessons at home. My dog ​​used to bark constantly when I went outside and now when I go outside he doesn’t bark at all. The dog and owner and the interaction between them are carefully examined. Very clear and practically applicable tips that really work. Within 10 days I had a completely different dog, I am very satisfied and my dog ​​is very relaxed.

Emma Venderbosch

We are so happy with Marja, our dog was very anxious outside and this manifested itself in extreme barking and lunging behavior towards everything and everyone. After Marja came to our home for a consultation and gave us the tips and tricks, we will have another dog within a few days. a dog that now enjoys walking outside and no longer lunges at everything and everyone. I recommend Marja to everyone, she not only gives the dog but also us as owner the confidence and peace of mind and she does this with respect and humor, she is a wonderful person. Thank you Marja!!!

Mirella De Graaf

I have already taken several courses with Marja with my dog, including puppy, basic, “come here” and two private lessons. I can’t wait until I can continue training with her again. Her approach is very clear, and she can explain very well why something works or doesn’t work. She sets high standards, which suits me very well. My dog ​​has already learned a lot thanks to her tips and my efforts. I wish every dog ​​owner could take a course with her.

Lisa Martial