Pre-puppy consultation

Pre-puppy consultation

Are you getting a puppy soon and would you like to get off to a good start? Then consider a pre-puppy consultation at your home.

We usually only see owners and their puppies during puppy training. Often the puppy has already been in the house for a number of weeks and you have been busy training and raising your puppy for a while.

Everywhere you will find and receive tips and advice, which are not always the right ones. Some advice is downright bad for the puppy. Where should the puppy sleep the first few nights, whether or not to put newspapers on the floor to potty train the puppy, what kind of food and how often per day? These are all questions we can answer for you. We are happy to visit you at home so that you can get off to a good start with your education.

Practical information


The costs are 75 euros per hour.


For consultation or registration you can send an email or call 06-514 75 830 or 020-686 07 34.

Marja is a dog person and a thorough professional. Now training with my third dog at Omnia. From puppy training to a course ‘here!’, private lessons and agility. Always new insights and fantastic guidance in a language that sticks. Highly recommended!

Sandra Pilkes

Very professional, instructions are clear and it is a good start to developing a problem-free and pleasant bond with your dog! I learned and laughed a lot! Did several puppy courses!

Jacqueline Bohlmeijer

Puppy Joffi enjoys training and so do I. Have fun together because of what we learn from dog trainer Marja. We continue at Omnia!

Jessica Mahn